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I have a strong background in Corporate Finance and Accounting, but I have also managed Global Travel for Investment firms for over twenty years. I love helping a traveler discover something new (hotel, private guide experience or the best desserts).

Travel for me has always been a great way to reset my mind, body and spirit. Primarily a solo traveler nearing fify countries, I’ve pushed myself past fears by being open to the world and learning along the way. Travel has kept life exciting (ask me about taking my 11 yo niece to Paris/London) and provided a lot of material for interesting stories, great laughs and wonderful memories.

For years, I’ve planned travel and events (even a wedding!) for families, solos, couples, cruise holidays, spa vacations, etc, so that others can experience the love I have for meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and having those moments that a picture can’t capture but are etched in your heart and soul.